Continuing on from the 2014 academic year, the Graduate School of Film and New Media at Tokyo University of the Arts is again offering geidaiRAM: Research-based Arts Management, an educational program designed to develop human resources.

In recent years, while steady progress has been made in establishing a learning environment for the study of arts management, it has also become clear that in order for art to respond to society it is not enough to simply meet society’s requests and enliven communities. With 2020 approaching, the number of art events across the country is continuing to increase, but only in a few cases has art been able to commit to society in a true sense. Surely what is required now is for art to socialize diversely by uncovering the actual issues facing society through research, clearly identifying the kinds of approaches to society that only artistic expression can make, and leaving behind proper documents and archives.

Based on these ideas, we offer a program that emphasizes the following two points.

The development of human resources capable of conducting research across multiple art genres and able to create new relationships within society through the realization of projects and the expression of these in words.
The development of human resources with the all-round capability that will enable them to participate in seminars and fieldwork on the theme of "Asia" and to be proficient in general affairs/theory/documentation.

As a part of this program, we will develop personnel able to reinterpret history, reinterpret the present, and involve themselves in the society and art of the future through

  • 1. seminars designed to equip participants with practical business skills
  • 2. cases studies and holding open exhibitions
  • 3. art theory research
  • 4. intercity research and art practice
  • 5. documentation and the creation of archives

All the processes of the program are recorded/edited, and depending on the participant’s awareness of the issues and approach to grappling with them, are open to the possibility of various outputs, including in document form, presentation as filmic artwork, and publication as a web archive.

The program welcomes not only curators and producers seeking to improve their skills, but people from a wide variety of backgrounds who want to approach the task of reinterpreting the various relations within society from the viewpoint of research, editing, criticism, translation, visual media, architecture, design and the Internet. On finishing the year-long program, participants will be presented with certificates of completion for the 2015 academic year.