geidaiRAM PROGRAM 2015

Management of Research-based Arts Projects

Practitioners in areas such as legal affairs and accounting will be invited to assist as participants reconsider project production from a practical standpoint. Participants will address a number of issues that need to be understood by everyone concerned with positioning art within society, but about which there are rarely opportunities to study, such as a fundamental understanding of human rights and the constitution, the role of contracts in art, taxation and accounting for nonprofit organizations, and the management of public cultural facilities, as well as considering the mutual relationship between society and art and the role of art in society in the long-term.

Yohei Suda(Lawyer; Representative, Law Office of Yohei Suda)
Mari Yamauchi(Certified Public Accountant/Licensed Tax Accountant; Representative, Yamauchi Accounting Office; Joint Representative, Arts and Law)
Kyohei Yumikura(Lawyer)
Teruo Nishimatsu(Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.)
Program Director
Tatsuki Hayashi(Research Lecturer, Tokyo University of the Arts)